Magic Chef MCWC12B 12 Bottle Review

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The Magic Chef MCWC12B is the smallest wine cooler model we researched, but it still holds 12 bottles of wine at a time. It has three beveled metal racks that hold the bottles while they are lying down, but the shelves can also be removed so tall or opened bottles of wine can be set upright. 

This is a single-zone wine fridge, so it can only chill one type of wine at a time. The temperature range, 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, is perfect for all types of red wines, but also cool enough for some dry and sweet white wines.

You can use the digital controls to adjust the temperature of this cooler. These are located at the top of the glass door, and there is also a digital switch to turn on and off the inside light.

There isn’t a lock, so children could easily get into the fridge. But because this wine cooler is small, it can be placed on a counter, out of reach of kids.

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This wine refrigerator uses a thermoelectric cooling system, so it runs quietly and doesn’t use a lot of electricity. The Magic Chef MCWC12B comes with a one-year warranty, just in case something goes wrong with the cooler. Though there are other compact, 12-bottle wine coolers we considered, like the Avanti EWC1201 and the iGloo FRW1225 , the Magic Chef MCWC12B is almost half the cost with nearly identical features.

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