Lectro Fan White Noise Machine review

The heptagonal Lectro Fan White Noise Machine has a simple design, but it is very effective at masking intrusive noise with white noise so you can sleep. Unlike the more feature-rich models in our guide to the best sound machines , the Lectro Fan isn’t packed with features or additional sound profiles. That said, it offers superior noise masking to create a quiet environment for relaxation and sleep.

In our Lectro Fan White Noise Machine review, we look at how the design of the device, how well it generates white noise, and its general performance and usability. If you’re having trouble waking up each morning, we’d also recommend one of the best sunrise alarm clocks , which could help you wake more naturally. Our other top recommendations for better sleep include ensuring you are sleeping on the best pillows and the right type of bed, so take a look at our guide to the best mattress online too.

Lectro Fan White Noise Machine review: Design

We created a test to simulate a noisy home environment. As our reviewers sat inside of a room with the Lectro Fan, another reviewer was outside of the room creating noises you could hear in an everyday household – noises such as a television, a vacuum cleaner and a blender. With the white noise machine operating, the reviewers inside the room noted when they heard the external noises and how loud they were.

The first thing our reviewers noticed is the traffic outside of our testing facility was basically inaudible while the Lectro Fan was in operation. Its successful elimination of external traffic noises makes this white noise maker perfect for those who live or work on busy streets.

Our reviewers noted they had a hard time hearing the television or the stereo while the Lectro Fan was running. In fact, one of our reviewers asked if the television was even turned on during the testing. That’s how effective the white noise generator is at cancelling out conversational dialogue.

Lectro Fan White Noise Machine review: Performance

The loudest sounds in our testing were from the blender and vacuum, and the Lectro Fan blocked those out better than most sound machines in this category. The device masked the high-pitched harshness of the blender well enough that it wasn’t a huge distraction. Instead of the initial shock of the blender turning on, you could gradually hear it as the blender ran for an extended period of time. This could prevent you from being awakened when the blender turns on.

The Lectro Fan has two different settings – fan sounds and white noises. Between the two settings, there are 20 total sounds – 10 fan sounds and 10 white noise sounds. For those who prefer to fall asleep to white noise as opposed to a sound profile (e.g., rainfall or ocean sounds), the device has plenty of variety and variation to satisfy different preferences.

Outside of its ability to mask sound and its overall good sound quality, the Lectro Fan isn’t going to wow you with features. It has a timer, but there is only a 60-minute option. Other sleep sound machines, like the  Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound + Sleep , offer timers that include options for 15, 30, 60 and 90 minutes of running time before the sound machines turns off.

There aren’t many other extras to speak of. You can adjust the volume of the white noise, but that about sums it up. It doesn’t offer have an alarm clock or built-in radio like some others in our comparison. This is one of the most basic sleep machines around.

A nice design element of this device is it can be powered by USB. Like an iPhone, the power source comes with a wall jack with a USB slot enabling the Lectro Fan to be powered both by plugging it into a wall or by plugging it into a USB port of a computer or laptop.

The machine is also small and lightweight. It doesn’t take up much residence on a desk or tabletop. Its heptagonal shape and rubber feet allow it to stand firmly on a table surface without any movement. The rubber feet keep it from sliding around when you press the buttons on the front of sound machine.

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Many of its competitors offer aux inputs to use the sound machine as an external speaker and headphone jacks to listen to the sound machine privately. Also, others in our comparison have LCD screens that display the current sound being played and the volume. None of these things are available on the Lectro Fan.

The standard warranty on all sound machines, including the Lectro Fan, is one year. The warranty is only valid if you purchase the device directly from the manufacturer. If you have questions about the sound machine, you can contact the company via telephone and email. Our experience with the support representatives was pleasant, as they were helpful and prompt to answer all of our questions.

The focus of this white noise machine is purely the ability to mask noise. Extra features are lacking, but it performed extremely well during our testing. It helps mask even the most intrusive of noises to create a quiet environment that can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

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