Kenmore Elite 41072 Review

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The Kenmore Elite 41072 has a massive 5.2-cubic-foot interior and a host of other family-friendly features. This is the largest front-load washing machine in our comparison so it can hardly be expected to be the most energy efficient, but if you have a big family it is worth a look.

It had the highest estimated yearly operation, power and water costs, but because of its size that isn’t surprising. It also had the highest water used per wash and annual water usage. It still earns an Energy Star certification from the EPA, though, so you know it is at least more efficient than older generations of washing machines.

It is not a bad investment in terms of initial price. You get a lot of cubic feet for your dollar. There are six in our lineup that cost more and many have less capacity.

This washer can handle very large laundry loads, including bedding such as comforters. You also get 14 wash cycles, eight wash options and five soil levels, along with a powerful sanitize cycle certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. This cycle would be deeply reassuring to parents using cloth diapers, since you can keep the interior of your washer safely clean. This washer also gives you a Kids Wear cycle, which provides a second rinse to remove residual detergent that can irritate kids’ skin. The Kenmore Elite 41072 also offers a SteamTreat function that can clear away set-in stains.

Besides the standard washing cycles that come with most front load washers, the Kenmore Elite’s 14 cycles include a bulky cycle for big items such as bedding, a rugged cycle for ground-in dirt on thick fabrics such as denim and a workout wear cycle for your exercise clothing, which is typically made of stretchy synthetic materials. There is also a specific cycle for workout wear and room for bulky bedding with the matching dryer, Kenmore Elite 81962 .

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This front-loading washer is 27 inches wide, so it is not the most compact. If you are looking for something that can fit into a smaller laundry room, check out the Bosch WAT28402UC . You can purchase an optional pedestal drawer to put the Kenmore Elite upon so that it stands taller and adds extra storage. It can also be stacked with its dryer to save space.

The Kenmore Elite 41072 is not impressive for energy efficiency among the units we compared, which is hardly surprising considering its vast capacity. It still does well enough to get the EPA’s Energy Star. It has a lot to offer for large families – a wide selection of load types, including a sanitation option, and other kid-friendly features make this a decent option. With so much capacity you will never have to take your bedding to the laundromat again. You can simply throw it all in a load at home.

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